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What is gold bullion investment? How do you calculate the value of investments in this sector? What are the tips that need to be done to successfully invest in gold bullion? What is the price of gold today? That's the most popular question for gold investment business people. The answer to the price of gold today compared to the price of gold last month, and one year ago will be the first step to determine the amount of money to be invested. Gold has become one of the prima donna's metals to invest money so that the value of assets owned does not decrease due to inflation or a decrease in the value of money.
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In investing in the gold sector, there are various types of variants that can be chosen, such as gold jewelery, gold coins, gold certificates, and of course the most popular is gold bullion. The form of gold investment that is widely used by business people is gold bullion or other names as gold bullion. In English it is called fine gold. On the market, this type of gold is only available in 24 carats, meaning pure gold. Many people assume that those who can buy and invest in gold bars are those who are already rich, while those who are middle-income and have little savings will not be able to buy the gold. This opinion may still be somewhat wrong because in the gold bullion market it is also sold in the form of small units, including the size of weight of 1 gram, 2 grams, 2.5 grams, 3 grams, 4 grams, 5 grams, 10 gran, 25 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1,000 grams or more. So the investment choice is quite flexible and varied.

How to Start a Gold Bar Investment Business

The price of gold bars is always changing or experiencing fluctuations every day. Generally the bigger the gold bar we buy, the cheaper the price per gram. For market share in Indonesia, the value of the gold price which is the benchmark is the price of the gold produced by PT Aneka Tambang. You can see the latest developments about the price of gold on the site of PT Aneka Tambang at www.logammulia com. The price of gold listed on the site is the basic price charged to consumers who want to buy gold bullion. In addition to the basic price, in the purchase of these gold bars, consumers are also charged fees or manufacturing costs, the amount of which varies, depending on the amount of weight of gold we buy. The range of the cost of making gold bars is far smaller than the cost of making gold jewelry, this is because the technique of making gold is not as complex as making jewelry.

The Advantages of Buying Lantern Gold

If we buy gold for 5 grams, the amount charged to consumers is around Rp. 35,000. This means, the cost per 1 gram of gold is only Rp. 7,000. If we compare it with the amount of costs incurred when buying gold jewelry, the cost is greater, which is at least around Rp 50,000 per gram. The difference in the value of the manufacturing cost is quite large, right? Try to calculate the money we have to pay if we want to buy 5 grams of gold in PT Aneka Tambang at a base price of Rp 531,000 per gram. The price of 5 grams of gold (Rp. 531,000 x 5) is Rp. 2,655,000 plus a fee of Rp. 35,000 to become a total of Rp. 2,690,000. Buying gold bars, we are not taxed, so this makes the gold bar investment business more attractive. Well, when we want to sell the gold bar, then do it when there is an increase in the price of gold. The price used when we sell gold is the purchase price of PT Aneka Tambang, which ranges from 10% below the base price. To be able to start investing in gold bullion, please contact PT Aneka Tambang or visit the site to get up to date information.

How to Calculate a Gold Bar Investment Business

To start and how to successfully invest in gold bullion, then you should know the basics of this investment, both relating to the calculation of transactions, the excess that is contained in gold bars, and also how the risks inherent in this investment. The components you need to learn in cash gold bullion transactions include calculation of transaction units, base prices, costs, and yields. In matters of counting - calculating gold bar investment, it turns out it is not as complicated as the calculation of investment in a stock or bond instrument. In essence, gold bar investment is only in the form of a process of buying, storing, and reselling it. The formulas used in this investment are very easy and simple, not much different from ordinary buying and selling transactions. So, almost everyone can start investing in gold bullion and get satisfying results. The following are the components in the calculation of gold bullion transactions.

1. Transaction Unit

On the world market (global), the price of gold is expressed in units of troy once. What is troy once? Troy once is a unit of weight of pure gold which if expressed in units of grams is equivalent to 31.103 grams. If you read or hear a story in a media stating that "Today's gold price is US $ 1,000 per troy once" then this means that to get as much as 31,103 grams of pure gold, you have to spend US $ 1,000. To find out the price per gram of gold in units of rupiah, then you should see the value of the USD-IDR exchange rate prevailing at that time.

2. Basic Prices

The benchmark of the gold bar investment business in Indonesia is PT Aneka Tambang. Every day, around 10:00 WIB, PT Aneka Tambang always issues a base price update for gold bullion. The basic price is the price charged to consumers who want to buy gold bars or can also be said as the selling price of PT Aneka Tambang. Well, if you are going to sell the gold bar that you have, then the selling price you receive is around 10% below the base price that applies when you sell it.

3. Fees

In addition to the basic price, it turns out that it is also subject to a number of manufacturing costs, the amount of which varies according to the provisions issued by PT Aneka Tambang. The price list will change over time. If you intend to purchase gold bullion, you should first confirm the cost of manufacturing so that you can calculate the value of the investment more accurately and accurately.

4. Yield

Yield is the amount of profit from your gold investment activities. To calculate the yield, it is done in a simple way, namely the total sales proceeds are deducted by the cost (capital) that we spend at the time of purchase. If the result is positive (plus), it means you get a profit. And vice versa, if the result is negative (minus) then you experience a loss.

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