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Forex or foreign exchange is buying and selling or foreign exchange which is usually done on a platform that is run online. Basically, traders benefit from the difference in exchange rates of a currency that always moves up or down on the market. Regardless of currency movements, traders can still make a profit as long as the trader knows that he is in the right position and can predict the movement of the currency.
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The exchange rate of a currency can move swiftly and fluctuatively. There are several things that can affect the movement of a currency. Government policy in the economic field is usually a sensitive issue that can affect the exchange rate of a currency. The business decisions of a large company sometimes also affect the forex market situation.

Why Many People Falls in Forex Trading

Currently forex trading is so popular in the community. Many students, housewives and office workers are involved in the world of forex. Forex trading can be used as a side business or can be done full-time. Forex trading attracts many people for several reasons as follows:

Forex has very high liquidity. The amount of money in a day can reach 4-5 trillion dollars. This means that we can at any time make sales and purchases of foreign currencies.

The movement of currency exchange rates is determined by micro factors and macro factors from the country concerned. Macro and micro data data is available and can be accessed by the public so that a trader can predict the movement of indigo currency to then get the benefits of foreign exchange buying and selling.

Low trade costs. Depending on the broker you are following, you will be charged a spread or difference in selling price and purchase price. These spreads are permanent and some change depending on the wisdom of the forex broker.

5 Android Applications that Help Forex Trading Business

Foreign exchange trading is currency trading carried out with sophisticated equipment. In foreign exchange trading, technology plays a very large role. In fact, many traders use some software and applications to assist in making decisions when trading. The price of forex software and applications varies greatly from free, worth millions to hundreds of millions. There are several forex applications that can be run on desktops, laptops and also through Android smartphones and iOS phones. Here are 5 Android Smartphone Applications to help forex trading.

1. Metatraders 4 and 5

For traders who have been involved in the forex world for a long time, of course they are familiar with metatraders 4 and 5. Metatreder 5 is an update from metatrader 4. This is the most popular trading platform in the world. A large trading broker that has millions of clients using this platform. This platform can be run on Android, Windows and IOS iPhone.

Here, traders can see real-time price quotes. This tool is also equipped with a unique feature in the form of 30 technical indicators that can help traders to make decisions. To analyze the movements of a currency pair. This platform offers 3 different types of graphics.

2. Forex Market Analysis and News Today

Today's analysis application and forex market news is a free trading application from analisaforex.com, Analisaforex.com is currently one of the most popular web references used by Indonesian traders.

For traders who want to know the daily forex analysis from experienced forex masters you can read it at www.analisaforex.com. This is the famous forex portal read by thousands of traders in Indonesia.

In the android analisaforex.com application, it is equipped with the latest technical information about forex, finance, finance and daily forex analysis which is very useful. With the analisaforex.com application this is very helpful for those of you who are busy and don't have the time to make forex trading predictions.

3. Interceptor Trader

The interceptor trader is a forex trading platform that can be downloaded for free through several existing mobile platforms. Almost the same as metratrader, this one platform allows traders to book places and also see price quotes in real time.

This tool is also equipped with interesting features where traders can replay market movements in the past. This is of course very important to look at market trends in the past. This can be used for reference making decisions.

4. Forex Hours

One of the most popular paid applications for forex traders is Forex Hour. This simple application allows traders to know when the forex center of the world is open. Information that can then be processed and taken into consideration when traders want to keep trading when liquidity is improving. Traders can also see what time a particular currency has fluctuated.

5. Yahoo Finance

This application developed by Yahoo can be downloaded via Android and Ios. Here, traders can get important economic news in real time. In addition, you can also read press releases, financial reports and stock quotes. Yahoo finance only reports original financial news.

6. Trade Optimizer

The trade optimizer application is a paid trading application that is widely used by traders. This application is equipped with 14 trending calculators that are very useful. With this tool we can measure and do important analysis after trading.

There are many trading applications that traders can use to help make the right decisions when trading. These applications are made to help traders minimize lost and increase the potential profit that exists.