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Have you ever tried applying for an online loan from a fintech company? Fast online loans from Fintech are a solution for those who need instant funds. Yes, a service called fintech which was popular in recent years is indeed known as a loan solution for those who have difficulty getting loans from conventional financial institutions such as banks.
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Requirements from banks that tend to be a lot until the verification process takes a long time to make those who need loans switch to fast online loans from fintech.

But of course, even though the loan process at Fintech is more practical and fast, it does not mean that everyone can be approved for submission. Because, fintech usually has its own way of assessing the credit worthiness of prospective customers. If you are deemed unfit, your submission may be rejected.

For this reason, if you need instant funds, use this method so that your loan proposal is approved!

Choose which salary requirements are lower than your income

Online loan services usually provide several requirements for prospective debtors, including minimum income, age, and domicile.

Often prospective borrowers experience problems with minimum income requirements that tend to be high. But just calm down, there are fintech whose income requirements are quite low.

Make sure all personal documents uploaded are listed by themselves

Just like registering through a bank, a fast online loan company will usually verify prospective customer documents. The difference is that if you have to send documents in physical form at the bank, with fintech you only need to upload them online.

Well, the document submission process is the most important process that can determine whether your application is approved or rejected. In addition, this stage also determines the size of the credit ceiling to be obtained.

Tips, make sure that all documents are listed in your own name. Because, this will make your reputation as a prospective borrower will be better and more trustworthy.

Avoid uploading documents that are not in your name or even falsifying data. For example, such as faking a pay slip, or uploading a vehicle registration as proof of address, but because you bought a used vehicle, the vehicle registration has not been reversed. This can make your profile weak and look inconsistent, so that it will be considered a potential borrower.

If you don't want to be complicated, just choose Kredivo, offering an easy submission process. You no longer need to upload a number of documents. Instead, you can simply connect your e-commerce account with the transaction history as proof of address, and connect your internet banking account as proof of income. Much easier right?

Use a Payroll Savings Account

As mentioned above, when registering for credit, proof of income such as a checking account or internet banking is one of the file requirements that must be met. It is highly recommended to attach a savings account that is a payroll / salary receipt, and there are income and withdrawal transactions, and still have the remaining balance.

Fast online loans usually do not only see the feasibility of prospective debtors based on their credit history, but also from the history of savings accounts. For example Kredivo is building its own credit assessment technology, which is able to produce a person's credit score based on the user's digital footprint which is processed with machine learning technology.

The digital footprint can reflect your daily or monthly financial activities. The healthier your financial condition, the greater the chance to be approved, and the greater your chance of getting a big limit.